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Most if not all social media platforms are revolving their efforts around video content. Marketers take the time to figure out what type of video content works best for each platform, determining  which displays look best for mobile viewing versus viewing on a laptop, and even whether or not a video needs closed captions. It is not shocking that 87% of online marketers are using video content because 85% of the US internet audience watches videos online.

The largest website where people consume video content is on YouTube. More than 500 million hours of videos are watched on YouTube each day. YouTube is so unique because people use it to post all kind of content. This can include skits, how-to’s, vlogs (video blogs), DIY’s, and even Live videos. You can do almost anything on YouTube, and that is what is so intriguing about the site.

YouTube is a growing industry. Because YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, people these days would rather watch someone explain a concept, or how to do something, rather than read about it on their own. Those with successful YouTube channels are not only passionate about a topic, but they also understand what their audience wants to see from them. This means posting consistently and creating a relationship with their audience.

Here is a list of successful YouTubers who have used the platform to express their talents:

Michelle Phan

Successful YouTubers

Dating way back in 2007, Michelle Phan is one of the earliest success stories in YouTube history. Michelle Phan is a makeup/ artist who became an entrepreneur with the help of YouTube. Passionate about art and makeup, Phan was one of the first beauty gurus to use on the platform to show women basic makeup and skin care tips, as well as crazy  makeup transformations like “Lady Gaga eyes.” From YouTube, she has gone on to create her own makeup line called Em Cosmetics, become a spokeswoman for Lancome, and co-found ipsy, a monthly beauty product subscription service.  

Bo Burnham

Successful YouTubers

Bo Burnham got his start in the comedy world with the use of YouTube. In 2006, Burnham posted videos of himself playing guitar and piano and singing songs he wrote for comedic purposes. Those videos became overnight sensations and ever since, Burnham’s successful YouTube career has evolved into signing with Comedy Central Records to release comedic albums, having two Netflix specials called “what.” and “Make Me Happy,” co-starring in the MTV show “Zach Stone is Gonna be Famous,” and writing and directing his own film “Eighth Grade,” which will premiere in July 2018. Burnham still uses YouTube to promote his work, releasing his third album on the site as well as his comedic special “what.”

Gary Vee

Successful YouTubers

Gary Vee, also known as Gary Vaynerchuk, has a very powerful YouTube channel dedicated to business and marketing. Professionally, Vaynerchuk is the founder and CEO of two companies, VaynerX and Vayner Media, he is a public speaker, and a 5-time New York Times bestselling author. Although Vaynerchuk did not get his start from YouTube specifically, he does believe the internet is a “land-grab” opportunity, and his Youtube channel is dedicated to inspiring people to work their hardest. His series “Ask Gary Vee” is a great segment of “how to” marketing guidance videos, where Gary answers questions from his Twitter followers on all things marketing, social media, and business related. Vaynerchuk also has categories of YouTube videos on his keynote speeches, business meetings, and podcasts relating to those same business topics.

The Sorry Girls

Successful YouTubers

YouTube is a great way to learn how to do something you might not want to spend a whole lot of money on, and The Sorry Girls get that. The successful YouTubers, The Sorry Girls, are a Do It Yourself channel, teaching viewers how to create high-end looking fashion and home décor pieces on a budget. Created by Kelsey MacDermaid and Becky Wright back in 2010, viewers can learn about thrift shopping, the latest trends in home and clothes, and even acquire basic knowledge on building and hardware.

Aside from their YouTube channel, The Sorry Girls have also created their own website and e-mailing list, where they have written out blog post forms of the video DIY’s they have posted on their YouTube channel. Those who are fans of The Sorry Girls can also shop for trendy, printable templates on the TSG website for their own DIY projects, and get video downloads of more difficult DIY crafts.

Hank and John Green

Successful YouTubers

Have you ever needed a 10-minute psychology lesson? Or wanted to learn about Socrates and the Euthyphro dilemma? Hank and John Green’s YouTube web-series “Crash Course” will teach you all of that and more in a matter of minutes. Entrepreneur Hank Green and his best-selling author/brother John have been using YouTube since 2007 when they began posting a vlog series in which the two only communicated with the use of video blog content over the course of a year.

Since then, the brothers also created a charity donation YouTube project called Project for Awesome, and in 2012 created “Crash Course.” This series is great because it has a wide variety of courses on all things astronomy, film studies, sociology, and even study skills. Crash Course continues to do extremely well, and John and Hank have gone on to produce many other short film series, as well as creating VidCon, a convention for people to meet their favorite YouTube content creators.

If you have a passion for something and you want to teach the world about it, use YouTube. Video content is becoming more and more popular, and people are using YouTube just as much; maybe even more than they are using other social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram. YouTube has worked well for many people and has been noticed by big brands. Those brands might contact you to sponsor their products in your videos, which means you could get paid for your content as well. YouTube is all about doing what you love though, and your hard work will show off to your viewers.  

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