Key Factors to Improve Content Marketing Strategy

Although most business owners realize that content marketing is important, many businesses do not have a clearly articulated content marketing strategy.  Content marketing is focused on the creation of a building a relationship between you and your customers.

Improving Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing, when done well, is a strategic, repeatable process.  If you want to increase your website traffic, grow your leads, develop loyal customers, and increase your revenue, now is the time to consider a few key factors that will improve your content marketing efforts:

1. Understand your product or services

This sounds simple but being able to clearly articulate what your business can provide to potential customers can be difficult.  In a 24/7 online environment, your business must be able to differentiate itself from its competitors. Being able to communicate clearly through content marketing how you are uniquely able to meet the needs of customers is critical in today’s world.

2. Understand who your ideal customer is

Again, this sounds easier than it is.  In order to build an effective online marketing strategy, you must know who you are trying to reach.  Is your ideal customer a homeowner in the 40-60 year old age range or a young, single renter in their 20s?  Demographics matter. Figuring out who your ideal customer is an important factor when planning an effective content marketing strategy.

3. Make sure your content is engaging in order to build loyalty

What is your story and how are you sharing that story through content?  Again, content must be planned around your ideal customer’s needs and desires.  Thinking about the content you can provide your customers that will build engagement and loyalty is a vital piece of the content marketing puzzle.  

Visual content is a leading factor in content marketing success and your creativity may need some boosting.  Pairing text-based content with visuals to keep visitors engaged has been the norm. The type of visual content you’re posting and sharing is even more important.  Prepare to share more organizational activities with your followers, especially” behind the scenes” content.

Potential customers want to know something about you before they contact you.  Before and after videos of work you have completed, video-taped customer testimonials and other personalized content helps build a relationship. Focusing on high-quality content that’s personalized to your ideal customer and stirs positive emotions is more likely to resonate and create loyalty.

4. Focus on the problems you solve

Too many content marketers don’t put themselves in their potential customer’s shoes – how do they describe their problems, their fears, their aspirations. By focusing on problems you solve helps you relate to your potential customers and improve your chances of being found when they are searching for a solution you provide.  

Keep in mind that there are different expressions of problems, such as an external problem (what they are experiencing) and internal problems (these are typically the problems that you need to solve for them to buy from you). Frequently asked questions, and should ask questions is a good place to start, but try to go deeper than that through keyword research and by using marketing personas.

5. Improve your email marketing

Are you struggling to see success from the emails you’re sending customers?  Have you thought about giving up and focusing solely on social media and blogs?  Before you give up on email marketing, you probably just need to approach email differently.  Think about sending more targeted emails, especially in relation to a subscriber’s history. By understanding the specific products and services a subscriber is interested in, you can restructure the type of content they receive. Targeted emails are more likely to generate responses and lead to more sales.

In summary

It takes time, organization, and creativity to develop a successful content marketing strategy.  Our content marketing services will improve your SEO while developing your unique brand. Whether you are new to content marketing or want to improve what you already have in place, Colorado SEO for Growth can create a content marketing strategy to achieve your goals.  

Great Content Marketing Plans Focus On:

  • Your Specific Business Goals – Driving the right visitors to your website is key, and it rarely happens by accident. Doing Strategy first to focus on your ideal client, addressing the problems they have and how you help to solve those problems, and calling them to action it critical.
  • Quality Content – Quality content establishes your brand as a business leader and trustworthy resource in your industry. Quality content helps separate you from your competition and the right content helps you build a relationship with visitors.
  • Relevant Content – Today’s customers expect more than just a product or service. Successful brands make their customer’s lives easier by providing relevant content that provides answers to their questions or problems. Focusing on your audience and their needs and pain points is a must when thinking about the type of content you create.
  • A Strategic Keyword Plan – Keywords are the words and phrases people type into search engines when looking for an answer to their question. Bringing traffic to your website requires that you have a good keyword plan. In order for your content to be most effective, this should be in place before you start creating and posting.

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