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In today’s crowded marketplace, being found online is a requirement for long-term business success. Content marketing fills the digital world with epic and relevant content owned by your brand. An effective content marketing strategy clearly explains what products and services you offer and explains what problems you solve for customers. Content marketing helps customers find solutions to their problems with your business.

A well-executed content marketing plan can produce a significant return on your marketing investment. The marketplace is highly competitive, so you need an effective strategy to get the best return and leverage your brand assets. Colorado Springs SEO for Growth can help you develop an effective content marketing plan tailored to meet your business goals.

An effective content marketing strategy includes:

1. Quality Content

There is so much information online, it can be overwhelming for potential customers. If your content is not high quality, it could actually hurt more than help you. Most people will not bother to read content that is written poorly and unhelpful. Taking time to develop high quality content is essential.

2. Relevant Content

Your content should be directed toward current customers to keep them engaged with your brand. Content should also be relevant to your potential customers. Providing both new and returning visitors content that they actually care about is critically important. Focusing on your audience’s needs and pain points is a must when thinking about the type of content you create.

3. A Strategic Keyword Plan

Attracting traffic to your website requires that you have a good keyword plan. This should be in place before you start creating and posting content in order for it to have maximum impact. In the wise words of Sun Tzu –

Tactics before strategy

is the noise before defeat.

4. Community-Focused Content

Your content should best serve your local customers and community. Being involved with and collaborating with local organizations can earn your business valuable links and traffic. Content marketing establishes your business as an industry leader, builds relationships, promotes alliances, and directly impacts your website’s search engine rankings. This ultimately increases your website’s ability to convert visitors into long-term clients.

An Effective Content Marketing Strategy Needs Variety

An effective content marketing strategy requires content in multiple formats published on multiple platforms. Colorado Springs SEO for Growth offers a range of services related to content creation including:

Blog Posts – Blog posts should be published on a regular basis to attract new and returning visitors. When you share engaging content with your audience, they will be inclined to share your posts with their friends on social media. Our experts write, optimize, and promote blog posts that are relevant to your business and interesting to your target audience.

Premium Content Creation – We create upgraded content to be used with your offers and calls to actions. Some examples of content include white papers, press releases, e-newsletters, articles, infographics, podcasts, photos, original reports and webinars.

Audio/Video Production – Videos are a highly engaging content medium that are shareable across social media platforms and websites alike. Our experts can develop video content for your website, blogs, and social media sites. Services include video creation, editing and/or conversion from existing media to a format suitable for the web; picture cleanup and enhancement; photography; audio recording for podcasting; and voiceover services. We also optimize and promote the videos and podcasts.

It takes time, organization, expertise and creativity to develop a successful content marketing strategy. Whether you are new to content marketing or want to improve what you already have in place, Colorado Springs SEO for Growth can create a content marketing strategy to achieve your goals.

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